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(1) In man, thickening of the skin on the hands and feet caused by friction and pressure.

(2) Most catarrhine monkeys have ischial callosities, or hairless areas of heavily fat-padded skin in the inferior dorsal hip region. In large anthropoid apes, calluses on the dorsal side of the middle phalanges of the fingers are used for support while walking.

(3) Cushionlike thickenings of the skin and fatty tissue on the lower surface of the feet in all tylopods (camels and extinct forms) and over the carpi, elbows, knees, and breast in all camelids.

(4) Nuptial callosities are rough masses on the forelegs of male frogs.

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With this study conducted on turnip varieties, the effects of various colchicine doses on the formation of calluses of microspore origin were investigated.
The distribution of plantar calluses varies across the metatarsal heads, with the second metatarsal head being the most common site, see Table 1.
0 mm sized calluses were separated and then sub-cultured in MS media with three combinations of BAP and 2, 4-D [1.
In the refracture due to periosteal, endosteal and parosteal calluses the subcutaneous hematoma absent because periosteum closely attaches to the callus.
When 60-days-old calluses were shifted to the same medium containing various NaCl levels (0-160 mM), variation in callus morphology of both the cultivars was observed.
The induced calluses (aged four weeks) were subcultured in the media named MC1, MSC2, MSC3 and MSC4, thirty explants per medium.
The elimination was completed in the later selection of the transformed embryos and regeneration of calluses using only 250 mg/l cefotaxime, which coincide with our results.
The Warning: Calluses Calluses, areas of thickened skin, form from repetitive pressure.
The tables 3 and 4 shows the similarities and differences as regards the presence of secondary metabolites in seedling leaf and internode tissue and leaf and internode calluses respectively.
According to officials for the Los Angeles-based company, the various product formulations combine powerful active ingredients with natural botanicals and refreshing fragrances to tackle the most common female foot problems--pain, cracked heels, calluses and odor.
Rafael Nadal has calluses on his fingers from gripping his racket.