California Institute of Technology

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California Institute of Technology,

at Pasadena, Calif.; originally for men, became coeducational in 1970; founded 1891 as Throop Polytechnic Institute; called Throop College of Technology, 1913–20. The institute's research facilities, principally in science and engineering, include the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (operated in conjunction with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration), the Palomar Observatory, the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory, and a cosmic ray laboratory. With the Univ. of California at Berkeley and the Univ. of Hawaii, it operates the W. M. Keck Observatory at Mauna Kea, Hawaii, which houses the world's largest reflecting telescopes.
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The Nexsan E-Series and BEAST storage solutions are total workhorses, with the long-term value Caltech needs for its data intensive research projects.
Nathan said: "I've had some fantastic experiences at Aberystwyth University which have made this move to Caltech possible.
Phil Callaghan, managing director of Caltech IT Ltd in Batley
Biochemical systems with artificial intelligence-or at least some basic, decision-making capabilities-could have powerful applications in medicine, chemistry, and biological research," stated Caltech in a press release.
Under the new agreement, Caltech and the DWP will construct a "Sustainable Technology Demonstration Building" that will showcase methods, products and technologies to reduce energy and water use.
Caltech even flirted with the idea of discontinuing its NCAA athletics--a proposal that was quickly denied with the help of Caltech athletics' many supporters.
The suspense won't exactly kill anyone; unlike most sports movies, in which a championship or a career is at stake, the viewer knows pretty well that every Caltech player will go on to do great things, albeit in physics or economics.
Caltech said the new FC burns "just a bit" of the fuel to generate heat to maintain the fuel cell temperature.
The products, on the market since the formation of Caltech in 1993, have been developed following extensive trial work to confirm their effectiveness in improving animal health and performance on-farm.
Still, in the end, it was not the buildings that garnered Caltech renown but the science performed in them.
With 900 undergraduates and about 980 graduate students, Caltech boasts a much higher proportion of graduates who go on to earn a Ph.