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His argument in a nutshell is that Catholics and Calvinists were already locked together in conflict.
Of course, there are plenty of Calvinists I'm not proud of: the men in black hats at the Salem witch trials: the Afrikaners who designed and enforced South African apartheid; the anti-Catholic Orangemen who march through Belfast every year with bowler hats and banners; the young tattooed Seattle punks who until recently used to gather in mega-churches to listen to misogynist pastor Mark Driscoll and worship his manly God; and most of the twelve or thirteen Calvinist presidents.
Cook notes, again, the ways the Calvinists of Sidney Sussex were "pragmatic conservatives" upset by failures of "personal piety"(i.
Thus, there may be few even among Dutch Calvinists who can fully grasp the significance of the selective rapprochement that Echeverria attempts between the Reformed and the Roman Catholic intellectual traditions.
Historian Anthony Milton, in an important book on the Church of England from 1600-1640, defines English Calvinism as "a general sympathy with the continental Reformed tradition in all its purely doctrinal aspects, and a sense of identification with the West European Calvinist Churches and their fortunes" (8).
Complex inter-confessional encounters are thereby reduced to the usual platitudes on Lutheran, Anglican, or Calvinist Grand Tour travellers mocking Catholic superstition, the veneration of Saints and relics, or the tyranny of the Papal government.
s hardy hand of Catholics and Calvinists may indeed contribute in the long run to making a modest difference for civil society.
Religious identity was more important than ethnic identity in the establishment of Dutch-Canadian Calvinist churches and other organizations which were based on ideological and religious principles.
Contrary to the standard view that Preston at York House was an unyielding high Calvinist, he probably disappointed some of his high Calvinist and political Puritan patrons such as Lord Say and Sele by his reticence and caution there.
As to a calvinist minister using the initials MC after his name, I'm afraid I did not know that either.
This is a wide-ranging study of the spread of Calvinist ecclesiology and doctrine throughout northern Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
In a bid to see if religious differences skew perception, Hommel's team tested 40 Dutch atheist and Calvinist university students, who, religion aside, had similar cultural backgrounds.