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1. In ancient architecture, an arched roof, ceiling, or covering; a vault.
2. A room having an arched ceiling; a vaulted room.
3. A small room, small hall, or chamber.
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The court heard days after appearing in court for the immigration offence, Camara, of Grainger Street, Newcastle, started selling drugs.
a statement from the employees read, referring to Camara.
According to Yechiel Eckstein, founder and president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, the Camara family's story "is a special one that weaves within it the story of the Jewish nation as we go from the Holocaust to rebirth, ending in Israel," he said.
Camara has made 24 appearances for Angers this season in France's Ligue 2, scoring six goals and contributing two assists.
After the events that followed the 1981 coup, former president Sir Dawda Jawara made a cabinet reshuffle that excluded Camara, who later formed his opposition Gambia People's Party and ran for the presidency in 1987.
Por esas equivocaciones, los colaboradores de los presidentes panistas hicieron que ellos mismos inutilizaran muchas de sus reformas tan solo con haberlas enviado a la Camara equivocada como Camara de origen.
En este articulo se propone un metodo para calcular el volumen de una camara sin que este valor dependa de su geometria, ni de los elementos que contiene en su interior.
Camara promised to make a riti for Sanderson to learn to play, while Sanderson introduced Camara to some Scottish fiddle repertoire.
Camara of Taunton; many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.
Dale Camara, 17, appeared before Birmingham Magistrates on Saturday August 13 as the court opened over the weekend to deal with those accused of crimes during two nights of rioting in the city.
Puede que tos telefonos con camara de fotos sean la mejor alternativa para documentar Los buenos momentos compartidos con amigos lo tas revoluciones en Africa del Norte y el Oriente Medio) pero el mercado de camaras digitales esta creciendo en America Latina, segun sus fabricantes.

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