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(1996a): A new nearly complete skeleton of Camarasaurus. Bulletin Gunma Museum of Natural History 1, 1-87.
Camarasaurus had up to three "baby teeth" lined up in each tooth socket, and replaced about one tooth every 62 days.
Camarasaurus registered a temperature of 35.7 degrees Celsius, or 96.3 degrees Fahrenheit.
Adopt this baby dinosaur called Pleo the Camarasaurus and it will develop its own personality, and follow you around showing joy, sorrow, anger and annoyance.
Pleo is a one-week old infant Camarasaurus from the Jurassic period.
In the hundred years since Earl Douglass came in quest of bones for Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum, this site has yielded more than 350 tons of fossil-filled rock, including a nearly complete Apatosaurus skeleton and a Camarasaurus skull with rows of teeth.
It dwarfed the Tyrannosaurus Rex which stood at just 20ft tall and its competitors for food would have been the Camarasaurus (15ft tall) and the Supersaurus (60ft tall but much lighter in weight).
Herds of gentle long-necked dinosaurs called Camarasaurus may have thundered across what is now Ashley's school playground in search of water and the lush green plants they ate by the ton.
The centerpiece of the museum's Hall of Dinaosaurs is a large oval sandbox filled with standing and reclining skeletons of dinosaurs known as Allosaurus, Camarasaurus, Camptosaurus, and Stegosaurus.
Other stars of the show include animatronic models of Protoceratops, Oviraptor, Velociraptor, Gallimimus, Camarasaurus and the earliest living bird, Archaeopteryx, as well as fossils of pterosaurs, pliosaurs and ammonites.
Fricke and his colleagues pursued his seasonal migration theory by studying chemical variations in the teeth of the sauropod Camarasaurus. "When animals drink water, the oxygen in that water gets incorporated into the bloodstream and eventually into tooth enamel," Fricke explains.

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