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, Lat. Clusium, Etruscan Chamars, town (1991 pop. 9,103), in Tuscany, central Italy, in the Apennines. Chiusi was one of the 12 sovereign towns of ancient Etruria; its semilegendary king Lars Porsena is said to have marched from there against Rome (c.500 B.C.
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, Italy.
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However, by the end of the first month CAMARs had recovered and consistently increased, reaching a ceiling after a little more than three months.
Mid-term and long-term CAMARs in the sample had a deceiving evolution becoming negative eight months after the IPOs' date.
During year 2, and after reaching -18%, CAMARs recovered (reaching + 12%), but then declined again, became negative, and did not recover for the rest of the three year period, as can be observed in Graph 1.
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