Cambodian New Year

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Cambodian New Year (Khmer New Year)

Three days in mid-April (varies according to lunar calendar)
This three-day New Year holiday, also known as Khmer New Year, is a major celebration in Cambodia. The first day is called Moha Sangkran, which means "New Angel." The tradition on this day is for families to welcome the angel who looks after the world in the coming year. To do so, people clean their houses and themselves and prepare a feast of such traditional foods as peanut curries, noodles, and tree mushrooms. Families bring food to offer Buddhist monks and gather for blessing and prayer. Another activity is the building of a small sand "mountain." Each bit of sand that is added is believed to increase the chance for health and happiness in the coming year.
The second day is known as Wanabot or Vana Bat. It is a day of gift giving to parents and other elders or persons worthy of respect. Many people also give gifts of charity on this day and perform acts of community service. More sand is added to the mountain.
The final day is called Loeung Sack. On this day the monks bless the sand mountains. This is also the day for people to wash their Buddha statues, which is thought to be a kind deed that will bring good luck and long life. The bathing also symbolizes hope for sufficient rainfall for the rice harvest. Many people also spray water on each other in a spirit of fun.
Throughout the new year celebration, children and adults gather to dance and play traditional games. Many streets in Cambodia are crowded with celebrants. The holiday often ends with a fireworks display.
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The statement said the death toll is worryingly high during holidays such as Cambodian New Year, Chinese New Year, Pchum Ben and the Water Festival.
The festival has close semblance to the Tamil New year, Songkran, Bengali New Year, Cambodian New Year, Lao New Year, Thingyan in Myanmar and Vishu festival in India.
Inspired by his father and a Cambodian New Year celebration, Wolf adopted this social-justice cause as his own, which in turn brought the family closer to Ouk.
The five-judge panel will sit on Mondays through Thursdays almost every week, recessing for one week during Cambodian New Year in mid-April and for another two weeks in the first half of May.
It was the evening of Cambodian New Year. The Khmer Rouge soldiers were drunk, making it the perfect night for our family to escape.
Large community gatherings generally occur on Buddhist holidays: the Cambodian New Year (April); the Pcum Bin festival honouring the ancestors (September); the Kathin festival to present gifts to monks (late October); and Visak Bocie, the celebration of the birth, death, and enlightenment of the Buddha (May).
The prohibited acts are recent imports to Cambodian New Year celebrations from Thailand and Myanmar where water-throwing is very popular.
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Tuesday issued a six-point directive to all government and private bodies to prepare for the Cambodian New Year celebrations from April 13-16.
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