Cambridge Bay

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Cambridge Bay,

hamlet (1991 pop. 1,116), Canadian government post and weather station, on the southeast shore of Victoria Island, Nunavut Territory.
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As a show of good faith, DEW also sent two of its own vehicles to be tested during Operation NUNALIVUT 2015, which took place in April in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.
Born and raised in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Tagaq has been performing her signature style since 2001.
1977), called "devil singer" by Inuit elders from her home community in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, for performing katajjait without a partner.
Her dad's family is from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut and two years ago she spent time there meeting family for the first time, familiarizing herself with the terrain, and immersing herself in the culture.
An average start to my day as a Family Law practitioner in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.
Cementation inked a shareholder agreement in April with the Kitikmeot Corporation of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, to form Kitikmeot Cementation Mining and Development (KCMD).
Her study will focus on a concentration of archaeological sites near Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, on the southeastern coast of Victoria Island.
Missing her home in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, she would listen to the tapes of throat singing her mother had sent to her and began to try to recreate what she heard.

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