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see videocassette recordervideocassette recorder
(VCR), device that can record television programs or the images from a video camera on magnetic tape (see tape recorder); it can also play prerecorded tapes.
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A one-piece hand-held television camera with built-in videocassette recorder, microphone, and battery pack, utilizing a charge-coupled device array as its light-sensitive element.


(CAMera reCORDER) A combination video camera, recorder and player in one unit. Prior to camcorders, the camera and magnetic tape recorder were separate devices cabled together. In 1983, Sony introduced the Betamovie, the first camcorder, which used half-inch analog Betamax videotape cassettes. However, the cassette had to be removed and inserted into a separate videotape player for viewing. Subsequently, camcorders were designed to play as well as record.

Today, tape cassettes are history, and all video cameras are digital camcorders that record onto flash memory cards, hard drives or SSDs. In addition, every modern smartphone is also a camcorder. See SD formats, HD formats, DTV and digital camera.

The First Camcorder
In 1983, Sony's Betamovie was the first combination camera and recorder in one unit. Although camcorders have gotten quite small, broadcast-quality cameras used by major media are still rather large and heavy. (Image courtesy of DrT,

Cam, But No Corder
In 1939, this RCA video camera used the all-electronic Iconoscope picture tube but did not even have a viewfinder. That came later. Videotape recording would not come until 1956. (Image courtesy of Early Television Foundation,
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The Canon XF405 and XF400 4K UHD Video Camcorders are both ideal for applications like broadcast interviews, documentaries and weddings.
Analysys International says with the development of microdrive and flash memory technology, microdrive and flash memory will inevitably replace DV tapes and DVDs and become the mainstream storage media for DV camcorders.
The Everio Series is unparalleled in the camcorder industry, having eliminated the need for using and replacing media, while offering quick random access for ease of operation and the compact and lightweight*4 design.
The highly integrated OV5610, which includes an on-chip 10-bit A/D converter, can perform continuous digital zoom and in VGA resolution is capable of operating at 30 frames per second (fps), making it the ideal candidate for low-cost digital camcorders and hybrid cameras, which combine real digital video and still images in one device.
The ideas is to get [digital] camcorders as small as possible without compromising quality," Samuels said.
That's about $1,000 less than the competing Sony and Panasonic semipro digital camcorders, and only slightly more than top-of-the-line Hi8 and Super-VHS analog camcorders.
While there are videocassette players (VCRs) that will accommodate every camcorder format, you may opt to buy a VCR later and simply plug your camcorder into a TV set to see what you have photographed.
The top three revenue contributing application segments are discussed below: Global camcorders market in media and entertainment segment: In the media and entertainment industry, camcorders are used for filmmaking and recording, taping, and capturing news and events.
This arrangement brings one of our most popular and easy to use products together with the very latest digital video camcorder technology from the industry leader.
Electronics industry executives and analysts have said these first digital camcorders will sell to high-end consumers and videophiles.