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As part of the event agenda, a series of workshops will introduce farmers to genetics in camel breeding, recent findings on camel feeding, animal fattening, aquaculture, aspects of modern nutrition, sheep and goat farming for meat and milk, feed requirements and supply for small ruminants in arid climatic conditions, breeding targets in small ruminants, and aquaculture and flow-through systems management and development.
The manager of the Camel Breeders' Union of Mongolia, Narantui Arunsana, said that today camel breeding is one of the main types of agriculture.
The water can also be used on lands that are resistant to salinization, and the work can be intensified to develop fisheries, animal breeding, in particular, camel breeding in areas adjacent to the lake.
The study was undertaken during the year 2014 at Camel Breeding and Research Station (CBRS), Rakh Mahni, Tehsil Mankera, District Bhakkar, Punjab.
Camel ranching schemes, identification and classification of superior animals for breeding and further research into camel breeding and management is needed for this livestock industry to grow.
Image Credit: Gulf News Archives Unique camel: Bint Shaheen, a female camel calf born at the Dubai Camel Breeding Centre on January 12, became the world's first camel conceived using frozen sperm from a champion stallion named Shaheen, now retired from racing.
Marecha camel calves maintained at Camel Breeding and Research Station (CBRS) Rakh Mahni, Tahsil Mankera, District Bhakkar and from the nearby field were used for this experiment to compare the efficiency of body weight gain in camel calves raised under semi-intensive management system (SIMS) and extensive management system (EMS).
King Salman used the occasion to launch the "Saudi Village for Camels." The new village, 140 kilometers from Riyadh, will be an integrated development specializing in everything dromedary-related, including camel breeding, auctions and research.
Binder, "Production aims and functions of camels in Kenyan pastoral systems; in proceedings of collaborative research project on camel breed differentiation and pastoral camel breeding strategies within the KARI/EU Agriculture/livestock research support programme for Kenya (ARSPII; Project NO.
Camel breeding, even if involving a small number of newborn animals, should be classified as a risk for human acquisition of MERS-CoV.
Camels are lifeline for agricultural and transportation activities in the arid and desert areas of the country whereas camel breeding was also a source of livelihood for residents of desert and arid zones.
With camel farmers finding breeding of camels unprofitable, and a large number heading to Rajasthan govt to launch camel breeding scheme