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camera phone

A cellphone with a built-in camera. The first cellphones with cameras were reportedly in Japan in 2000. Camera phones appeared in the U.S. a couple years later.

Most flip phones and all smartphones have still and video cameras, and hundreds of billions of photos and videos are taken every year because almost everyone has a phone handy much of the time. In addition, camera quality has become so good that, except for the professional photographer, the average family no longer uses a dedicated camera. A common example of camera quality is an 8x10" print, and many camera phones meet this test and beyond (see smartphone camera).

The Camera Phone Changed the World
Having a camera handy at all times means that any event can be captured on the spur of the moment. Riots, protests and other upheavals from around the world have been documented by videos and sometimes become the only evidence later on.

On a less ominous note, the camera phone has become a very useful note taker by making it easy to capture a sign in a store, a label on a bottle and a device's serial number for later reference. The cellphone camera as well as all the other functions in today's smartphones have changed society in countless ways. See smartphone, flip phone, point-and-shoot camera and DSLR.

A Lotta Cameras
Not one, but four camera lenses are found on this Galaxy S21 Ultra. Today's smartphones vastly exceed the capabilities of dedicated cameras in the past. See Galaxy S.
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A camera phone and photo messaging forecast from InfoTrends/CAP Ventures has revealed that global camera phone shipments are expected to continue to increase, growing from 370m units this year to 847m in 2009.
A new "Mobile Market Intelligence" report from research company Parks Associates reveals that 25% of all US households with Internet access said they are willing to use a high-resolution mobile camera phone as their main camera.
Currently available for a variety of Nokia, Panasonic and Sendo camera phones, the FotoJive service will soon be available for Motorola and Sony Ericsson.
IDC said that of those questioned, 30% of camera phone users intend to buy a digital camera as a result of the digital photography experience gained from the phone.
Analyst ABI Research has revealed that low-end camera phones are expected to gain a significant portion of the market currently held by low-end digital cameras within two years.
One of the 64MP camera phones were on display at the demo zone at the event, albeit all covered up.
On one hand we have honest manufacturers who make genuine dual cameras matching the intended functionalities of a dual camera, while on the other hand some phones are just deceptively advertised as dual cameras.The best advice would be to visit local smartphone stores and check them out whether they fit your expectation when it comes to dual camera phones, as well as single ones.
In studies of first-generation camera phone studies in Korea, Hjorth noted tensions around camera phones' relationship to place and mobility in what she called 'snapshots of almost contact' (2007).
Are camera phones really more irritating than being jostled by a crowd all thrusting pens and pieces of paper under your nose?
Beijing, Apr 12, 2011 - (ACN Newswire) - ( latest report shows that worldwide camera phone sales, driven by fast growing of camera phone market, will reach 1 billion units for the first time in 2011.
London, March 22 (ANI): Singer-actress Charlotte Church has now built a pub in her garden to avoid people from clicking her with their camera phones when she is wild and drunk.