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Improve the Quality of Life for Cameroonians: Despite investing heavily in health centers, schools, and clean water - only three-quarters of the population currently have clean drinking water - Cameroon must create more jobs, especially for its youth.
He managed to convince other parties to join him in forming a supra-party, the Cameroon National Union (CNU).
Applied to the Cameroon context, this wholeness or oneness implies the dissolution of division within the new Cameroon state.
iPAD Cameroon is organised by Spintelligent, leading Cape Town-based trade exhibition and conference organiser, and the African office of Clarion Events Ltd, based in the UK.
Interteks global services network, located in over 100 nations, supports this programme, helping the ANOR to ensure products imported from around the world are delivered in good order to the people of Cameroon.
Specifically, in a bid to bring Cameroon to emerging country status by 2035, the country's authorities are looking to attract investments into 25 major infrastructure projects totalling EUR 2.
BMI provides our fully independent 5-year forecasts for Cameroon through end-2019 for more than 50 economic and key industry indicators.
Cameroon maintains an embassy in the United States at 3400 International Drive, NW, Washington, DC 20008.
It offers a detailed analysis of the key sub-segments in the Cameroon reinsurance market, along with market forecasts until 2019
However, Cameroon's own gas reserves have been tapped by British firm Victoria Oil & Gas to supply industrial projects onshore Cameroon, including the Bassa and Logbaba power plants.
Cameroon has sharing intelligence with Nigeria and other neighbours in an attempt to thwart the activities of the terrorist group Boko Haram in the north of the country where more than 2,000 innocent lives have been lost to the extremists.
The Cameroon Business Forecast Report helps businesses with market assessment, strategic planning and decision making to promote growth and profitability in The Cameroon and is an essential tool for CEOs, Chairmen, Finance Directors/CFOs, Managing Directors, Marketing/Sales Directors with commercial interests in this emerging market.

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