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1. A language for preparation of animated movies. 1976.
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The CAML and its north polar counterpart project, Arctic Ocean Diversity, have pioneered new understandings of the evolution and diversity of life.
In particular the overview in [69] focuses on several programming languages (Java, Objective Caml, Telescript, etc.
4%, CAML Resources 63% and Itochu Coal Resources Australia 20.
However, code fragments similar to the example above appear in legacy Caml applications that we would like to analyze.
We show that the fault span for these two models is very different from that of the CAML model, and that the three models fall into a natural complexity hierarchy in terms of the "power" of faults in each model.
1998], and CAML [Leroy 1996a; 1996b; Leroy and Mauny 1993], have been created.
Additional Key Words and Phrases: Distribution, formal methods, Java, Limbo, mobile code, network programming, Objective Caml, Obliq, object orientation, portability, Safe-Tcl, safety, security, Telescript
When Gerard Huet visited ICOT in 1988, he finished a CAML implementation of Flat GHC in a few days.
The CAML First-Time Conference Presenter Award went to Jason Neal for his paper "Musical Similarity as Conceived by 'Avid Recreational Music Listeners.
The trajectory of Person 2 that has been obtained using the images acquired by Caml and the face/head tracker is depicted in Fig.
A crucial design choice in Objective Caml is the use of row-variable polymorphism [Wand 1987; 1988; Remy 1989; Wand 1994] instead of subsumption for the typing of objects and classes.
Server-Side development (Server-Side API, CAML, SPQuery & SPSiteDataQuery, LINQ for SharePoint );