Vandenberg Air Force Base

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Vandenberg Air Force Base,

U.S. military installation, 3,456 acres (1,399 hectares), SW Calif., near Lompoc; chief Pacific coast launch site for military satellites. Commercial satellites are launched from the base as well, and it is also a site for test-firing intercontinental ballistic missiles.
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IN March 1942 I was sent by rail to Camp Cooke, California, for training.
He was an Army Veteran of World War II and played semi-professional golf and baseball while stationed at Camp Cooke.
With over $45 million in contracts awarded since May of this year, the staff in this combat zone 20 kilometers north of Iraq has proven to be a critical logistics link in the enormous quality-of-life improvements and overall reconstruction efforts of Camp Cooke, Taji.
Nasdaq:PLCM), the world's leading provider of unified collaborative communications solutions, and the Freedom Calls Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps troops in Iraq and Afghanistan keep in touch with their families, free of charge, during their deployments, today announced they will be connecting twelve soldiers deployed at Iraq's Camp Cooke with family members and loved ones.
In addition to making its facilities and video equipment available for live video calls and providing technical support, Polycom donates its VSX 3000 video systems to Freedom Calls for deployment to Camp Cooke and Camp Fallujah in Iraq, as well as to sites in Afghanistan.
The first large-scale reunion took place Saturday, November 20 at Raytheon Corporation headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts, when 100 family members visited with 10 soldiers from the 118th Medical Battalion of the Massachusetts National Guard stationed at Camp Cooke in the Sunni Triangle north of Baghdad.