Camp Fire Boys and Girls

Camp Fire Boys and Girls,

American organization for boys and girls from birth to age 21, originally the Camp Fire Girls, for girls 6 to 18 years old. It was founded (1910) by Luther Halsey GulickGulick, Luther Halsey
, 1865–1918, American pioneer in physical education, b. Honolulu, of American missionary parents. He studied at Oberlin College, Sargent School of Physical Training (now part of Boston Univ.), and the New York Univ. medical college (M.D., 1889).
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 (1865–1918) and other educators "to perpetuate the spiritual ideals of the home" and "to stimulate and aid in the formation of habits making for health and character." Boys were invited to join in 1975, and the organization was renamed; boys now comprise 45% of the membership of 667,000 (1999). Camp Fire runs resident camping, child-care, and self-reliance programs, as well as coeducational clubs led by adult volunteers.
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Although the organization started out as Camp Fire Girls, it opened its programs to boys in 1975 and became Camp Fire Boys and Girls.
The following year we switched to Camp Fire Boys and Girls with an all-girl troop.
Campfire USA has made available a council-developed package titled "Camp Fire Boys and Girls Outcomes Measurement Tool Kit." Tested in 2000, these surveys and procedures were developed by a local council in cooperation with its United Way chapter and are part of a research project that is specific to Campfire USA.
CAMP FIRE BOYS AND GIRLS "We are inclusive, welcoming children, youth, and adults regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation, or other aspects of diversity."
Mary Helen Franko is senior field manager for the Camp Fire Boys and Girls national office.
Camp Fire Boys and Girls in Des Moines, Iowa, undertook the following steps to develop a method to measure these outcomes.
Suz Welch, CCD, is the executive director of Camp Fire Boys and Girls, Des Moines, Iowa, and has been director of Camp Hantesa, in Boone, Iowa, since 1972.
Camp Hantesa is a day and resident camp operated by Camp Fire Boys and Girls in central Iowa.