Camp Gagetown

Camp Gagetown,

military camp, S central N.B., Canada. It was established in 1952 and is the largest (436 sq mi/1,129 sq km) military camp in Canada.
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government recognize the effects on Maine National Guard members who were exposed while undergoing training in Camp Gagetown.
He was stationed in Truro and later Camp Gagetown, N.B.
Association secretary David Niven said: "The area that was most affected was Camp Gagetown, which the battalion used as a transit camp to and from the UK.
Watson neglected to mention that Agent Orange was produced in Elmira, Ontario, and tested in Camp Gagetown, New Brunswick.
Claimants must have worked or lived within a radius of five miles of camp Gagetown between June and September of 1966 and 1967.
I was posted to Borden for an admin course and was then shifted to 210 Workshop with the Royal Canadian Artillery (Heavy Ack-Ack) in Picton, Ontario, hence to an advanced work detachment in Camp Gagetown for summer exercises in May 1956 where we were under canvas until October.
In 1968 this herbicide was tested in Camp Gagetown. The U.S.