Fort Hood

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Fort Hood,

U.S. army post, 209,000 acres (84,580 hectares), central Tex., near Killeen; est. 1942 on the site of old Fort Gates and named for Confederate Gen. John Hood. It is one of the army's largest installations and a major employer of the area.
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The original site was selected in 1941 and construction of South Camp Hood began in 1942.
North Camp Hood, located 17 miles to the north, was established shortly after the first land acquisition and was formerly a US air force base.
Before long we were off to Camp Hood, Texas, where I was assigned to the 747th Tank Battalion.
Read returned to Camp Hood, Texas, and was separated from the Army on Feb.
He's stationed at Camp Hood, and he knows I love him, but he won't ask me to walk away from the store.
I would like to correspond with any nurses who served in the Army with me at Camp Hood, Texas, during World War II.
at Camp Hood offered me bus fare at a time when I had been ill, couldn't walk back to base, and literally didn't have a penny to my name.
After being a drill sergeant at Camp Hood for a year, I became part of the largest convoy to ever leave New York City.