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Yet, the contradictions in Trump's campaign slogans show his ambivalence between the isolationist impulse and a return to the traditional past - "Make America great again," explains Nayan Chanda, founding editor of YaleGlobal Online, in an essay for Times of India.
The move has led to criticism that the FAW has failed its own Euro 2016 campaign slogan #TogethERSTRONGER.
This year the campaign slogan is "CHECK IT, BEAT IT".
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkish media have reported that a Justice and Development Party (AK Party) official filed a complaint with the Supreme Election Board (YSK) asking it to outlaw the campaign slogan of E[currency]anlyurfa Mayor Ahmet EE-ref Fakybaba ahead of the 2009 local election, claiming that he was abusing religious symbols in the name of politics in billboard advertisements.
Sources said the campaign slogan was approved in the BJP's Tuesday meeting headed by party chief Amit Shah and an official announcement will be made soon.
The campaign - called Keep it Clean - will run between January and March and is the brainchild of agency Drummond Central, whose previous work includes Northumbria Water's campaign slogan "Nothing in the loo except paper, pee and poo".
Al-Nouri's presidential campaign slogan is "Towards a free and smart economy.
Mohammad Aziz Mansoor in his campaign slogan says "he will implement laws as well as social justice.
Other goals for Ms Radhi, whose campaign slogan is "Your Choice, My Voice," include signing more trade agreements like the free trade treaty signed with the US in 2006 and initiating programmes at the BCCI to improve social unity.
But what a campaign slogan - Labour will take power to give it away.
Chief Marketing Officer Stacey Biggs said the new advertising campaign slogan is "It is all within my reach.
Under the campaign slogan of "a two-minute check prevents a wreck", the Cleveland Road Safety Partnership is calling on motorists to ensure their cars are winter ready.

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