campanula americana

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Star shaped blue flowers. Leaf tea used for cough and lung issues. Leaves and flowers edible, have sweet taste. Good in salads.
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Many of the forbs occurring in this cemetery were woodland species, including Ageratina altissima, Campanulastrum americanum, Cryptotaenia canadensis, Geranium maculatum, Osmorhiza longistylis, Phryma leptostachya, Podophyllum peltatum and Symphyotrichum cordifolium (sagittifolium).
Nuttall's reed grass Campanulastrum americanum (L.) Small American bellflower Cerastium fontanum Baumg.
The more frequently-encountered herbs, herbaceous vines, and graminoids are AlBum burdickii, Arisaema triphyllum, Campanulastrum americanum, Cardamine concatenata, Carex albursina, C.