Henry Campbell-Bannerman

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Campbell-Bannerman, Henry


Born Sept. 7, 1836, in Glasgow; died Apr. 22, 1908, in London. British statesman.

Secretary of state for war in 1886 and from 1892 to 1895, Campbell-Bannerman was the leader of the Liberal Party from 1899 and prime minister from 1905 to 1908. He used methods of social demagogy in his politics. The Campbell-Bannerman government advocated free trade. In an attempt to arrest the growth of the labor movement, it was compelled to carry out some reforms in social legislation. Pursuing an imperialist policy, the Campbell-Bannerman government in 1907 concluded an agreement with Russia, which was an important step toward the formation of the Entente.

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Visitors to the villa in its 19th Century heyday included the likes of Prime Ministers Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman, William Gladstone and H H Asquith, poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle, and Arts and Crafts Movement leader William Morris.
Politicians: Prime Ministers Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman, William Gladstone and H H Asquith; Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey, later Viscount Grey of Falloden in Northumberland; Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir William Harcourt; cabinet ministers Earl Kimberley and Joseph Chamberlain; the Marquis of Ripon, Governor General of India; first Labour MP and former miner Thomas Burt; the Wallington Trevelyans and Russian revolutionaries.
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