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see Campbell, AlexanderCampbell, Alexander,
1788–1866, clergyman, cofounder with his father, Thomas Campbell, 1763–1854, of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Of Scottish lineage, both were born in Ireland and educated at the Univ. of Glasgow.
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; Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)Christian Church (Disciples of Christ),
sometimes called Campbellites, a Protestant religious body founded early in the 19th cent. in the United States. Its primary thesis is that the Bible alone should form the basis for faith and conduct, each individual interpreting the Bible
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7) While Stoll does not consider Daniel's particular theological inheritance closely, he does claim that the "strongest similarity between Muir and his father is that each rejected an orthodox religion and preached the Gospel according to his own lights--for Daniel the Campbellite Gospel, for Muir the Gospel of Nature" ("God and John Muir" 73).
Lindsay was an ardent supporter of Woodrow Wilson, not a Campbellite but a Southern Presbyterian--close enough, and of his plan for an international governing body, but, after the horrific consequences of the European war became apparent, Lindsay was forced to reconsider his support for an interventionist foreign policy and to defend his position in the face of opposition from many of his friends.
Fall, Republican of New Mexico, grandson of a leader of the Campbellite movement and much influenced by that movement's theology, referred to the League as "Chiliast," as a crime against Christian civilization in that it tried to generate the millennium through secular action.
The second case is the one of someone who had previously experienced Campbellite immersion.
Holmes has been more careful than most biographers to identify the specific form of Christianity that Muir knew--that of the Campbellite movement--and so he is able to recognize patterns and characteristics unique to this religious culture as they appear later in Muir's life.
Our Pedo-baptist and Campbellite neighbors are mooting the subject of baptism, and especially communion.
The only reference in the entire volume to the factors which led to the rupture of Baptists in America is found in the "Preface" where, after alluding to the Antimissions and Campbellite conflicts, he said:
The black church retained its self-determination, however, and Marshall even dropped his Campbellite views by the close of the decade.
Indeed, a prominent church historian recently suggested that current tensions within the American Southern Baptists reflect that group's contact with Stone-Campbell sacramentalism many generations ago--that the Campbellites injected a sacramental virus into the Baptists for which they have not yet developed an immunity
Campbellites could not even submerge their differences over instrumental music in church, and Gary North was still squabbling with his father-in-law's more hard-core followers over what the blood of the lamb really was.
He was abrasive, if not controversial, throughout his newspaper career, writing against alcohol and tobacco in a frontier town, and displaying intolerance toward Catholics, Baptists and Campbellites.