Canada Day

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Canada Day,

formerly Dominion Day, Canadian national holiday, celebrated July 1. It is the anniversary of the uniting in 1867 of Upper and Lower Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia as the dominion of Canada.
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Canada Day

July 1
The British North America Act went into effect on July 1, 1867, uniting Upper Canada (now called Ontario), Lower Canada (now Quebec), New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia into a British dominion. Canadians celebrate this day—which was formerly known as Dominion Day —with parades and picnics, somewhat similar to Fourth of July festivities in the United States.
In Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario, which are on opposite sides of the Detroit River and are connected by a vehicular tunnel and the Ambassador Bridge, this is also one of the days on which the International Freedom Festival is held.
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Kelly will also perform during Canada Day festivities on Main Street during the afternoon.
We're expecting to give out thousands of cookies to our guests and to cookie-lovers who just stop by to say hello this Canada Day and Independence Day, as our way of adding a sweet treat to the celebration of these two special days!'
On Canada Day 2005 it was evident that ignorance was a major problem.
Among these annual commemorative events is a Canada Day thanksgiving prayer service at the Free Church of Scotland in Covent Garden which, this year, has been cancelled.
Other conditions of the Canada Day free-for-all buffet can be found ( here .
Canada Day is a national holiday in the country which celebrates the anniversary of the July 1, 1867 enactment of the British North American Act uniting three colonies into the single country.
He is a master of the guitar solo and his fingers will be flying on Canada Day.
Organizer Lloyd Auger says this year's event will include 28 wagons and begin with a Canada Day Parade with the North Tallcree Band near Fort Vermillion.
on Canada Day after imbibing a bottle of vodka and several beers, yet apparently drove home to Montreal in that condition.
If an announcement is made before Canada Day, Gauvreau says the following spring should bring construction development.
How does a small congregation of 60 members (and an average weekly attendance of 40-45) sponsor a Canada Day Kiddie Carnival for 300 to 400 children and parents?
Around Canada Day, July 1, 1996, reporters discovered several unpleasant facts about Canadians' lack of historical knowledge.

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