Canada thistle

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Canada thistle:

see thistlethistle,
popular name for many spiny and usually weedy plants, but especially applied to members of the family Asteraceae (aster family) that have spiny leaves and often showy heads of purple, rose, white, or yellow flowers followed by thistledown seeds (a favorite food of the
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Habits: Canada thistles seldom bear seed in cultivated fields but in clover or grass fields, in pastures, groves or fence rows where they may develop undisturbed for a time, seed is often produced abundantly.
Salting the plant: Cut off the Canada thistle while in bloom just beneath the surface of the earth and apply a large handful of salt, or better yet, a half pint of stiff salt brine where the thistle is cut off.
They are quackgrass, Canada thistle, burdock, white or oxeye daisy, snapdragon or butter and eggs, cocklebur, perennial sow thistle, sour dock, yellow dock, wild mustard, wild parsnip, and Russian thistle.
Like quackgrass the Canada thistle is a perennial plant.
The Canada thistle does not have rootstocks like the quackgrass, but has true roots, the parts of which are capable of producing plants.

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