Canadian National Parks

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These two adjacent Canadian national parks actually support the two namesake towns they surround, which means you're never too far from shopping or dining.
Editor Keith Jones presents readers with the seventh edition of his comprehensive directory of more than five thousand national and state parks, historic sites, battlefields, monuments, forests and grasslands, preserves, and other public spaces within the United States, including Canadian National Parks. Each of the entries contains, the official name of the park in question, its physical and web addresses, its phone number, the parkAEs size, the history of the park, and what facilities, activities, and special features the park may have.
Rather than providing a groundbreaking account of the history of Canadian national parks, Climber's Paradise, instead, adds another component to the growing body of recent national park history, like the essays in A Century of Parks Canada (Calgary, 2011) that acknowledge national parks as dynamic cultural staging grounds for social, political, and scientific agendas.
As a group invested in both sustaining the natural beauty and ecological integrity of Canadian national parks and a group also dependent on the use and accessibility of these same parks, the acc acts as a suitable instrument by which to further examine the continuous tug-of-war between recreation and preservation within the country's national parks.
'Marketing Nature: The Canadian National Parks Branch and Constructing the Portrayal of National Parks in Promotional Brochures, 1936-1970' takes a look at the publishing activities of the Canadian Parks Branch and their branding of nature reserves through the middle years of the twentieth century.
This discovery led to the establishment of the first of the Canadian National Parks and is shared and enjoyed by millions of tourists a year.
2001 'Sizes of Canadian National Parks and the viability of large mammal populations: policy implications' The George Wright Forum 18(1), 13-23
During the 1980s, the 'crown jewel' of the Canadian National Park system--Banff--experienced unprecedented commercial development.
Since 1996, the program has successfully shepherded hundreds of grizzlies and black bears in Yosemite and Glacier National Parks, several Canadian national parks and other public and private lands in Montana and Alberta.
Morgan, Co-operative Management of Wildlife in Northern Canadian National Parks (Calgary, Alberta: Master's Degree Project, Faculty of Environmental Design, The University of Calgary, 1993.
Canadian National Parks Branch, national parks, tourism, promotional brochures
Canadian national parks have merited considerable interest from environmental historians, who have noted the shifting meanings of national parks and the cultural construction of national park nature.

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