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Canadian Pacific Railway,

transcontinental transportation system in Canada and extending into the United States, privately owned and operated. The construction of a railroad crossing the continent in Canadian territory was one of the conditions on which British Columbia entered the confederation in 1871. After many difficulties and a political scandal, intensive work began in 1880, and the company was incorporated the following year. The main line from Montreal to the Pacific coast was completed in 1885. The company subsequently developed into a conglomerate, Canadian Pacific Ltd., with holdings encompassing shipping, petroleum, coal, and hotels and real estate in addition to rail lines; the other businesses became four separate companies in 2001.
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With the integration of Tripwire and Tivoli, we are already taking advantage of the power of autonomic computing," said Val King, Manager of Information Systems Security at Canadian Pacific Railroad.
Momentum's customers include companies with requirements for high-performance distributed applications and guaranteed message delivery such as: American Airlines, Canadian Pacific Railroad, CVS, Ernst & Young, Fidelity Investments, Grumman Data Systems, Merrill Lynch, Nasdaq, NYNEX and Sprint.
Worcester Railroad, Canadian Pacific Railroad and its subsidiary
a subsidiary of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, for approximately $112 million.
Belke most recently was employed by the Canadian Pacific Railroad as Director of Government Affairs and Development for the Bridge Line division (formerly Delaware and Hudson Railroad).
Canadian Pacific Railroads emerge as permanent solution for crude oil shipments.
While he has not focused on the state-to-state relations, Rees has provided a very insightful background to the forces and decisions that brought about the survey--the Hudson's Bay Company's disengagement from control of Rupert's Land, the forceful expansion of the Dominion of Canada into the west, the Riel Rebellion and the Fenian threats, the British and American desire to normalize relations after the crisis of the Civil War and the "Alabama" issue, the building of the Northern Pacific and Canadian Pacific railroads, and the anxiety about Sioux unrest along the undefined border.
In addition to shipping via truck, Labkon says the company uses both the UP and the Canadian Pacific railroads to move material.
Canadian National, Canadian Pacific Railroads build more terminals in response to growing oil demand.
and Canadian Pacific railroads are the program's sponsors in

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