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(sometimes US), cigaret
a short tightly rolled cylinder of tobacco, wrapped in thin paper and often having a filter tip, for smoking


i. A unit of illumination for intensity equal approximately to the luminous intensity of a 7/8-in sperm candle burning at 120 grains.
ii. The failure of a parachute to deploy because the rigging lines are fouled. Also called a cigarette or a streamer.


final favor granted one about to die. [Pop. Cult.: Misc.]


The interpretation of this symbol, as with all others, depends on your relationship with cigarettes. If you are a smoker or are surrounded by smokers, cigarettes may be a regular part of your daily life that has been brought into your dream state. Cigarettes could represent anything from phallic symbols and symbols of pleasure to tools of destruction. Generally, the cigarette is an object that carries social and emotional significance. When we are teenagers, we associate them with being “cool, ” daring, and defiant. For some adults they become a way of life where all emotions seem to be punctuated with cigarettes. Finally, as adults come into touch with their own physical mortality, cigarettes become dreadful objects, and smoking becomes a terrible burden and curse. When interpreting the dream with cigarettes in it, ask yourself what cigarettes mean to you.
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Pass any trendy bar or restaurant and you'll spot members of the fake tan and hair extensions brigade puffing away on their cancer sticks. But for the majority of smokers - i.e.
COULD Cheryl Cole be ready to finally quit the cancer sticks? A pal revealed: "Cheryl has been desperate to give up smoking for some time now and has decided that 2012 is going to be the year she kicks the habit.
The Welsh Secretary, plummy-voiced Cheltenham Ladies College product that she is, is not known as a 20-a-day puffer of the golden-packeted cancer sticks - nor their stable-mates Silk Cuts, Camels or Winstons.
Cigarettes are cancer sticks, but my BlackBerry is my baby.
She should have given him the cancer sticks and let him suffer the consequences..
His habit of staring at the camera for long periods while driving might prove just as dangerous as the cancer sticks.
The net result was I turned the colour of the Incredible Hulk, spewed rings round myself and vowed never to puff the cancer sticks again.
At the time, it was considered fashionable to smoke, but he threw out his "cancer sticks" and never smoked again.
The initial "glamour" of indulging in what early on were labeled "cancer sticks" and "coffin nails" wore off.
And yet the smoke-free brigade are the ones labelled ``health fascists'' whilst it's the second- hand smoke from your mates' cancer sticks marching towards me, invading my lungs and slowly putting me to death.
If cigarettes are cancer sticks, carrots are anticancer sticks.
And then there are the smoking wars - beautifully captured here - featuring those who demand to drag on their cancer sticks at their desks and those who demand they don't.

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