Candlewood Lake

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Candlewood Lake,

8.4 sq mi (21.8 sq km), W Conn. It is formed behind a power dam S of the Rocky River's junction with the Housatonic River. Along its 65-mi (105-km) shoreline are tourist resorts and recreational facilities.
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"Raveis Escapes allows us to empower these potential buyers--many of whom are frustrated by the prices and process of owning in the city--with capturing a bit of the American dream in other highly desirable towns and cities, from Cape Cod to Candlewood Lake, Nantucket to Croton and everything in between.
[paragraph] In that introductory article, he also recounted the "Slug- Gification" of a fishing buddy, Joe Canale, on Candlewood Lake in Connecticut.
Saturday -- Open Bass Tournament, Candlewood Lake, Conn.
In Connecticut, patrons of Candlewood Lake are on the verge of seeing a more heavy-handed boating restriction: No boats larger than 26 feet allowed.
The researchers, along with members of the Lake Zoar Authority and Larry Marsicano, chairman of the Candlewood Lake Authority, who were on the lake, were collectively aghast.
Next year, the Candlewood Lake Authority plans to work on a project to see if it's possible to kill the larval zebra mussels flowing out of Laurel Lake into the Housatonic by pumping carbon dioxide into the water.
(SWA) announced a first place win for the Gainfort-McKay home on Candlewood Lake in New Fairfield, CT, a home designed and constructed with sustainability in mind for the CT Zero Energy Challenge.
After sustainably deconstructing the 60-year-old house that originally rested on the hillside lot overlooking Candlewood Lake, the new GainfortMcKay three-bedroom home has earned ENERGY STAR[R] certification, the EPA's Indoor airPLUS label, and is anticipating LEED for Homes platinum certification.
Thursday - Open Bass Fishing Tournament at Candlewood Lake. Cost: $15.
Candlewood Lake -- the largest man-made lake in Connecticut -- is also nearby, offering 60 miles of shoreline and year-round, recreational activities.