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(pushkari), a name for Russian artillerymen in the 16th and 17th centuries that came into general use in the first half of the 16th century.

The cannoneers belonged to the sluzhilye liudi (military service class) and were subordinate to the Pushkarskii Prikaz (Cannoneer Prikaz). Cannoneer service was hereditary. Members of other estates were required to post guarantees before admittance into the service. The cannoneers lived in the cities, where they usually occupied special slobody (tax-exempt settlements). They were paid in kind, in money, and sometimes also in land. The cannoneers were also involved in crafts and trade. The cannoneer service was abolished in the late 17th century and replaced by what were called regiments of the new order.


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We follow the conflict in Georgia from 1780 (when 17-year-old William Hunter joins the Cannoneers under Sergeant Ash) to his dramatic escape.
There's no question it exudes a pungent sulfuric smell (a property that early clerics were quick to take notice of in their condemnation of cannons and cannoneers, equating the reek of brimstone with things diabolical), produces copious quantities of white smoke (a real drag on the battlefield) and leaves considerable fouling, which can affect loading, accuracy and cleaning.
As soldiers, they are cannoneers, forward observers, tankers, and scouts.
Fire support Soldiers would fill the positions as mortarmen, similar to 13B cannoneers, and mortar fire direction centers' (FDCs) Soldiers would be staffed similar to the 13E MOS.
Last year Disney also added a virtual reality version of its famous Pirates of the Caribbean ride, in which patrons act as captain and cannoneers to blast away at other ships in a quest for treasure.
However, the road collapsed at a chokepoint, trapping the howitzers, and fire from Chinese on the adjacent high ground forced the cannoneers to abandon their vehicles.