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A small tube that can be inserted into a body cavity, duct, or vessel.



a hollow tube with a blunt end designed for intro-ducing into the human (or animal) body drugs or X-ray contrastmedia, restoring the patency of the respiratory tract, or with-drawing fluids from the body cavities. It is also used for anatomi-cal, pathologicoanatomic, and laboratory studies. Cannulas aremade of metal, glass, or plastic.

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This process is repeated in a stepwise fashion until the tip is seen in the lumen of the vessel at an insertion angle that leaves an adequate length of cannula to feed into the vessel once puncture is achieved (Figure 1C).
8220;The EntreVu EX cannula formed with Makrolon polycarbonate offers medical professionals a new technology for patient care during surgery.
The product allows medics to check for signs of infection, and also prevents accidental removal of the cannula or the accidental injection of medicines into the arterial line.
The STOP campaign will feature posters designed to raise awareness among staff, which feature cartoon catheter and cannula characters alongside a large STOP sign, with the question "Does your patient need us?
The authors comment there were not enough data available to formulate a conclusion about blunt cannulas.
However, it is absolutely vital that they do not smoke while taking oxygen through a mask or nasal cannula.
After the balloon has been accurately placed, an assistant inflates it to 6 to 10 atmospheres while the surgeon holds the sinus guide cannula, sinus guide wire, and balloon catheter in place.
On catheterization of the heart, LVAD, and cannulae, 3 of the 6 patients had inflow cannula valve regurgitation seen on LVAD angiography.
Cannula placement for the microdialysis study was confirmed under microscopic analyses.
The surgeon may make two to more incisions in each area for insertion of the cannula in different locations in the treatment area to suction out fat from different directions.
Irritation--chafing, cracking, and sometimes bleeding tissue caused by cannula rub associated with supplemental oxygen therapy--has plagued caregivers for decades.
LAS VEGAS -- Direct umbilical insertion of the primary cannula in laparoscopic surgery can be performed safely and rapidly with good cosmetic results, according to Dr.