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A water conduit, pipe, or clay-tile spout on a Hispanic building.
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Cano worked as a tax adviser, served as a board member for Shared Harvest and Elgin Hispanic Network, and was active at Church of Christ in Elgin.
Currently, due to a change of demographics, increased school competition, and other issues, CANO is in great need of improved child enrollment to maintain its objectives.
El colaborador de Telecinco sorprendio a todos al anunciar que los familiares de Ortega Cano le han pedido que se case con separacion de bienes.
When the robbers learned that the remittance center's earnings amounted to just P1,000, they got angry and shot Cano.
Cano Health is an operator of "Primary Care Plus" healthcare centers focused on improving the lives of individuals, families and communities.
Para su investigacion los autores se apoyan en la alta recepcion que tuvo Sanin Cano en Espana, cuando laboro en las oficinas de La Nacion, en Madrid, antes de que viajara a participar directamente en la redaccion de Buenos Aires.
Cano strangled the women and Gordon punched them in the stomach ''to get the air out faster,'' Trapp told the grand jury.
Cano for 14 years, said her dying wish was for people to "pray for the end of abortion in America and pray for her family.
Robinson Cano (Jackie Robinson's namesake) and Soriano took pictures with the kids and signed autographs.
Cano is in the final year of his contract, and the MLB star has been unable to reach a new agreement with the Yankees.
Parte de la riqueza acumulada por Tomas Yarringron Ruvalcaba durante su gestion como gobernador quedo al descubierto en el proceso de divorcio del empresario Fernando Cano Martinez, uno de sus prestanombres, a quien, junto con el exmandatario, se investiga en Estados Unidos por sus presuntos nexos con el Cartel del Golfo.
Joe Torre, Cano s former manager with the Yankees and now an executive vice president for Major League Baseball, presented the crossed-bats trophy to the winner.