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The bus was carrying about 40 passengers, including children, to Naples from Canosa di Puglia, where they had been on a pilgrimage.
The car is now owned by Francesco DiAriano, resident in Canosa di Puglia, near Bari, and an employee of Fiat.
Theowner of the six millionth Punto is Francesco D' Ariano, a resident in Canosa di Puglia, near Bari, andanemployee at the Melfi facility.
Object of the contract is the provision of the service and extracurricular school integration in favor of pupils attending schools, primary and secondary 1st grade of the municipalities of Canosa di Puglia, Minervino Murge and Spinazzola for the school year 2016 / 2017.
Contact point(s): Ufficio di Piano Ambito Territoriale Canosa di Puglia
Contract notice: Integrated home care services - home care (sad) and integrated home care (adi) - in favor of the citizens residing in the territory of the municipalities of canosa di puglia, minervino murgia, spinazzola.
Contract award: granting of service compulsory collection of tax revenues and assets of the city of canosa di puglia
Contract award: supply of electricity for utilities related to public lighting - municipal buildings and structures pertaining to the administration - other uses of the city of canosa di puglia.