Canterbury Tales

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Canterbury Tales:

see Chaucer, GeoffreyChaucer, Geoffrey
, c.1340–1400, English poet, one of the most important figures in English literature. Life and Career

The known facts of Chaucer's life are fragmentary and are based almost entirely on official records.
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Canterbury Tales

pilgrimage from London to Canterbury during which tales are told. [Br. Lit.: Canterbury Tales]
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The entertainment value of the Wife's prologue and tale, and indeed of all of the stories in The Canterbury Tales, has remained consistently high in the centuries since its writing, despite the completion of the shift from oral culture to literate print culture.
Dr Sue Niebrzydowski, of Bangor University's School of English, said: "It has been an absolute pleasure to have been involved in a project that has made such digital images of this important copy of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales freely available to all.
These editors' found the readings of the former two manuscripts to be unreliable, as did Manly and Rickert (1940) in their authoritative eight-volume edition of the Canterbury Tales.
Save money with an Attractions Passport Ticket, giving you free entry into Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine's Abbey, The Canterbury Tales and one other museum, plus discounts on other attractions.
The General Prologue to The Canterbury Tales opens with a depiction of the Spring that is all vibrant surround-sound, sap-rising nature.
The Midland Arts Centre opened its month-long theatre Festival this week with a visit from the Orchard Theatre Company from Devon presenting the dramatised version or Chaucer's Canterbury Tales,
I played a character in The Canterbury Tales who'd had surgery and my skin was pulled right up so I had no facial lines at all.
Peter Ackroyd's splendid novel uses Chaucer's Canterbury Tales as the frame for an erudite tale of 14th-century political and religious intrigues in England.
Imagine three directors rehearsing one company of 20 actors in 19 short plays performed over two evenings, and there in a nutshell you have the task the RSC set itself in staging Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
An extraordinary animation of Chaucer's renowned Canterbury Tales has been released on DVD.
THIRTEEN years after sitting my GCSEs and I've finally got to grips with Geoffrey Chaucer and his Canterbury Tales.
This scheme, borrowed from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, is well chosen, and given the international settings of the stories (Paris, New York, Istanbul, Delhi), Dasgupta's airport is particularly appropriate as the book's narrative hub.

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