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(1) A melody, either vocal or instrumental, of a lyrical character.

(2)The lyrical quality of music or its execution; a vocalist’s ability to lyrically execute a melody.

(3) In the 13th—15th centuries in Western Europe the term for small, secular homophonic and polyphonic vocal works of a lyrical and epic cast and for dance songs.

(4) From the end of the 17th century, a song or musical piece with a lyrical melody.

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Verumptamen qui cantilenas ystrionum non ad carnale gaudium sed ad cantilenam referunt angelorum non ita peccant, quoniam per ea que audiunt et uident, inuisibilia Dei comprehendunt.
1 Lakme (Act I): Flower Duet (Mady Mesple, Danielle Millet) 2 Bach: Adagio from Concerto #3 BWV 974(Alexandre Tharaud) 3 Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasilerias #5 - Cantilena (Barbara Hendricks) 4 Verdi: La Traviata Prelude (Riccardo Muti / Philharmonia Orchestra) 5 Pachelbel: Canon in D (Sir Neville Marriner/ Academy of St.
Pianist-director Robert Levin's contribution was more variable in its effect, hectic and bustling in the rigorous opening movement (and with some indulgent dynamic shadings), beautifully singing in the second movement's highly ornamented cantilena, and with pearly, mellow piano tones neatly turned in the finale - though the lengthy cadenza emerged as clattery.
Their voices also blend beautifully, and each is capable of spinning out Bellini's long cantilena lines and etching his delicate fioratura with conviction and stylistic beauty.
The 1977 Cantilena e Scherzo for harp and string quartet is rather more enigmatic emotionally and there is a hint of Impressionism in the Cantilena sections, and even of Celtic influences in the harp solo after the central Scherzo.
Lutheran School Middle School Choir, Oregon Repertory Singers Children's Choir and Oregon Festival Choirs, Allegro and Cantilena, will perform.
What results is an almost bewildering proliferation of classifications: French isorhythmic motet, Italian motet, English cantilena, Continental cantilena, retrospective double-discantus motet, devotional double-discantus motet, cut-circle motet, and declamation motet, to name only some.
In the variation from the Raymonda dream they can play with shifting, gemlike colors, but only if they grasp the cantilena, the melodic line.
Nevertheless, I can conceive that it is possible to play Foerster's music with an even greater imagination and some of the passages would benefit from a more cantabile cantilena or a more fluid bass line, and many a rubato could be played more forcibly too.
Most recent year: Bronstein AC, Spyker DA, Cantilena LR )r, Green JL, Rumack BH, Ciffin 5L.
Dai a necessidade da repeticao da cantilena "estou cego" que, como toda palavra, passa a estabelecer as novas bases da realidade, passa a tecer relacoes outras com o mundo.