Canton Administration in Bashkiria

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Canton Administration in Bashkiria


a system of administration established by the tsar’s ukase of Apr. 10, 1798. Canton administration converted the indigenous population (Bashkirs, Teptiars, and Mishars) into a military cossack class that provided recruits for an irregular army (for example, the Bashkir-Meshcheriak Host) that was divided into cantons (or districts).

In introducing canton administration, tsarism placed on the local population the entire burden of military patrol service on the eastern borders, used this population in wars in the west (such as the Patriotic War of 1812 and the Crimean War of 1853–56), and fragmented the multinational population by attracting the Bashkir feudal lords to its side and granting them great benefits for their service. The introduction of this system of administration did away with the remnants of Bashkir self-government; as a result the way of life and economic activity of the indigenous population came to be regulated by military commanders; military tribunals were established. The Muslim clergy became completely subordinate to the military authorities. Canton administration remained in effect with minor changes until 1865.


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