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Canton Island:

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, coral atoll, 3.5 sq mi (9 sq km), central Pacific, largest of the Phoenix Islands, which comprise part of Kiribati, c.2,000 mi (3,220 km) SE of Honolulu, Hawaii. Annexed by the British at the end of the 19th cent., the island was also claimed by American guano companies.
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Madden and Julian (1971, hereafter MJ71) unveiled a 40-50-day oscillation in the tropospheric zonal wind using radiosonde observation at a single station (i.e., Canton Island) in the central Pacific.
The longer period would allow us to make a better comparison of the strength of the intraseasonal signals in Southeast Asia stations found by Xie63 and in Canton Island discovered by MJ71.
To better compare the strength of the intraseasonal signals at the Southeast Asia stations shown by Xie63 and on Canton Island as discovered by MJ71, a longer analysis period (1958-70) is used.
The original paper by Madden and Julian (1971) used the radiosonde data on Canton Island with Fourier analysis to reveal the outstanding signal of a 40-50-day oscillation.
The analysis was extended to a longer period from 1958 to 1970 so that it could cover the analysis periods of both Xie63 and MJ71 for better comparison of the strengths of the intraseasonal signals at Southeast Asia stations found by Xie63 and on Canton Island, as discovered by MJ71.
By December, airfields were being built on Christmas and Canton Islands, in Fiji, and on New Caledonia.
Along the way, he worked on projects across the Pacific, on Midway, Guam, American Samoa and Canton islands.