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, Ger. Graubünden, Ital. Grigioni, Romansch Grischun, canton (1990 pop. 169,005), 2,746 sq mi (7,112 sq km), E Switzerland, bordering on Italy and Austria. Chur is the capital.
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, Switzerland.
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Only in a few countries do mountain people benefit from the sale of this energy; for example the Swiss canton of Grisons, which receives 52 million [pounds sterling], or 280 [pounds sterling] per capita, a year.
On the N13 in the canton of Grisons the following work is planned:
Detaillierter Aufgabenbeschrieb Detailed task description The project is located in the canton of Grisons, between Thusis and Sufers (AS Zillis - AS Rofla).
Even though the cantons concerned are keen to standardize the new system, the trilingual canton of Grisons will probably be allowed to introduce slightly different rules and regulations.
Tenders are invited for videos and sound recordings of the Canton of Grisons are detected in a central inventory, developed with metadata and made available to the public.
That's why I consider myself a 'green' too," the transplanted Bernese tells Swiss News from a vantage point at the peak of Diavolezza overseeing the Bernina Group and other well-known peaks in the mountainous canton of Grisons.
Detaillierter Produktebeschrieb The canton of Grisons has concluded with a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, which until 30 June 2014 is valid.
Canton of Grisons, 145km (3 hours) from Zurich by car, with train connections from Zurich main station every hour between 6:00 and 21:10.
Tenders are invited for Public liability insurance for the canton of Grisons, the companies and for the co-insured institutions and foundations for a period of five years.