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strong, coarse cloth of cotton, flax, hemp, or other fibers, early used as sailcloth. Left in its natural color, bleached, or dyed, it has a wide variety of uses, as for game, duffel, sport, mail, and nose bags, tennis shoes, covers, tents, and awnings. Waterproofed with tar, paint, or the like, it is called tarpaulin and used to protect boats, hatches, and machinery. Duck is a fine light quality used for summer clothing, awnings, and sails. Artists' canvas is a light, smooth, single-warp texture, specially treated to receive paint. Art or embroidery canvas is an open-mesh type, usually linen, for working in crewels and for needlepoint.



in art, the cloth that receives an oil painting; it may also be used for glue painting and tempera. The canvas is stretched over a frame or sometimes glued to a wood or cardboard backing; it is then grounded.


A firm, closely woven fabric of plain weave made principally from hemp, but also from flax, jute, cotton, or a blend of fibers.


A closely woven cloth of cotton, hemp, or flax; sometimes adhered to a wall or deck to serve as a substrate for paint; used to cover roof decks that are walking surfaces or sun decks.


a. a heavy durable cloth made of cotton, hemp, or jute, used for sails, tents, etc.
b. (as modifier): a canvas bag
a. a piece of canvas or a similar material on which a painting is done, usually in oils
b. a painting on this material, esp in oils
3. Nautical any cloth of which sails are made
4. Nautical the sails of a vessel collectively
5. the floor of a boxing or wrestling ring
6. Rowing the tapering covered part at either end of a racing boat, sometimes referred to as a unit of length
7. under canvas Nautical with sails unfurled


(1) A major feature of HTML5. See canvas element.

(2) In an image editing or paint program, the canvas is the window in which the picture is created or edited. It is the on-screen counterpart of the cloth canvas used by an artist. See paint program.

(3) (Canvas) A technical drawing, image editing and page layout program for Windows and the Mac from ACD Systems International, Inc., Victoria, British Columbia ( Acquired from Deneba Software in 2003, ACD's Canvas combines numerous illustration (vector graphics) and image editing tools (bitmapped graphics) in one application. It also includes presentation graphics capabilities for producing on-screen slide shows. Specific versions have been created for GIS mapping, scientific imaging and the professional design engineering market.

Canvas combines extensive drawing and imaging tools in one program. The PC drawing on top is a vector graphics rendering and the "first mouse" below is a bitmap. The open menus show image editing tools that are not normally found in a vector graphics drawing program.
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We paint chairs, trashcans, lamp shades, staplers and other canvases that children bring to class.
uk or call (01732) 454092 and quote CH5T41 when you order - 15% will automatically be deducted from the cost of any canvases you order - not just three-for - two orders.
Now, an aide puts the colors Tommy wants directly onto the wheels of his wheelchair, and he swerves and spins his way across the canvases, creating his abstract art.
In 2008, CafePress bought Imagekind, an online art community where artists sell their art on a range of canvases and frames.
Throughout the '70s and beyond, Mel Bochner, Dorothea Rockburne, and Richard Tuttle worked with shape in their pictorial investigations of thought's relationship to material, and Ron Gorchov made truculent and repetitive canvases with round corners and a surface curved in two directions like a saddle.
To the contrary, it is partly the way their canvases coalesce despite such a restrictive painterly language that makes them compelling.
PX customers will have the opportunity to purchase limited edition canvases, hand-signed by Thomas Kinkade or have their canvases enhanced by a Master Highlighter.
Far from the tidy narratives of Oliver Stone in his film JFK or James Ellroy in his American Tabloid, the "narrative" constituted by these paintings was shot through by doubt, fragmented by the sequencing of the canvases and rendered illegible and almost abstract by webs of pixels and dots a la Sigmar Polke: historical painting, then, not as truth but as question.
Canvases and prints of "Los Gatos High School" will be available for purchase at the event.
Mark Grotjahn's latest works--a series of variously sized jewel-like monochrome canvases that toy with one-point perspective--are flat-out gorgeous.
Perhaps this wink at topology is also an indication of the position from which we might consider the hundred or so canvases that follow in this exhibition.