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Bon, Cape

Bon, Cape (bŏn), Ras at Tib (räs ät tĭb), or Ras Addar (ädärˈ), peninsula, NE Tunisia, projecting c.50 mi (80 km) into the Mediterranean Sea toward Sicily. Cape Bon, the eastern terminus of the Saharan Atlas Mts., is a hilly, fertile region that supports citrus groves, vineyards, and tobacco plantations. Fishing ports, beach resorts, and natural gas deposits are located on the peninsula. During World War II the last German forces in North Africa surrendered to the Allies on Cape Bon in May, 1943.
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The pipeline has a transport capacity of approximately 34 billion cubic meters per year, the trans-Tunisian pipeline consists of two lines, 48 inches wide and around 370-kilometer long, from the Algerian-Tunisian border near Oued Saf to the Cap Bon headland, as well as five compression stations.
Haco is a fully exporting company based for 14 years in Haouaria, Tunisia's Cap Bon.
These are distributed over the northern governorates (2,150 million m3 against 899 million m3 during the same period in 2018), the midland governorates (203 million m3 against 23 million m3) and the Cap Bon region (99 million m3 against 10 million m3).
The heartland of harissa is Tunisias Cap Bon peninsula, which locals call terre rouge, or "red land," not only for soil that deepens in hue in the late-afternoon light, but also for the different types of peppers that ripen and turn bright red in autumn.
Lettuce samples of the iceberg variety (Lactuca sativa L.) were harvested at optimal maturity from three regions in Tunisia each characterized by specific climatic conditions (Cap Bon, Bizerte and Gafsa).
TUNIS, July 5 (KUNA) -- A ship of the Tunisian National Navy rescued 17 Tunisian illegal migrants whose boat faced difficulty to the northeast of Haouaria (Cap Bon) at 2:00 a.m.
Therefore, this article reviews about geopolitics as well as their impacts on rural development in the developing countries, especially in Pakistan (indus delta region) and tunisia (Cap Bon region).
With launch coverage extending to 48 % of the population, Tunisiana will offer 3G services in the regions of Tunis, Sfax, Sousse, Djerba, Cap Bon, Hammamet and Nabeul.
With launch coverage extending to 48 per cent of the population, Tunisiana will offer 3G services in the regions of Tunis, Sfax, Sousse, Djerba, Cap Bon, Hammamet and Nabeul, said a senior official.
The methane is supplied to users in industry and households from Tunis to Cap Bon, from Tunis to Bizerte, from Gabes to Sousse, from Gafsa to Kasserine, from Kasserine to cement plants at Tajerouine, from Hammamet to Nabeul where the users are mainly tourist resorts on the coast, and from Monastir to a power plant and factories at Sousse.