Capacity of Equipment

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Capacity of Equipment


the volume of output (work) produced per unit of time by a given piece of equipment in accordance with the equipment’s design properties and technical characteristics and the production skills of the operators. Equipment is a component of fixed production assets; it acts directly on the article that is being produced, moves the article through the production process, and implements the control of production flow. The classification system used in the USSR distinguishes power equipment (nuclear reactors, generators, engines, turbines, electrical apparatus), operating equipment (coal cutter-loaders, conveyors, hammers, presses), measuring and regulating instruments and devices, and laboratory equipment. A distinction is made between rated capacity, designed capacity, planned capacity, and actual capacity of equipment.

The capacity of power equipment is determined by its power output, that is, by the quantity of work produced per unit time; this capacity is measured in kilowatts. The capacity of operating equipment is determined by the output per unit time; this capacity is measured in units that vary by type of equipment. For instance, the capacity of metal-cutting machine tools is measured by the number of parts produced per hour, the capacity of rolling mills is measured by the number of tons of rolled stock produced per hour, and the capacity of computer equipment is measured by the volume of data processed per unit time. Capacity of equipment is a necessary component in estimating the productive capacity of an enterprise.


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Costs, says Lee, vary with the type of system and vehicle hardware, installation and number of inputs/outputs, and whether installation is hired or done with organization personnel; power source used; memory capacity of equipment and monitoring requirements.
The decision, however, had to take into account the flexibility and capacity of equipment here and the overall cost structure."
Depending on soil conditions and the capacity of equipment, a 12-in.
To assure duplication of all possible processing parameters and specify the best metal detection solution for customers, the company has installed custom heaters, coolers, and freezers along with various sizes, types and capacity of equipment in the test facility.
Emission standards will be based on the capacity of equipment to produce or process materials.
And, unless you can modify structural features, load capacity of equipment will be set by the load-bearing limits of ceiling, walls, and floor.
Furthermore, the system's exhaust gas treatment capacity is limited to around 200 liters per minute, due to the restrictions on the capacity of equipment that holds the chemicals.

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