Cape Bon

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Bon, Cape


Ras at Tib

(räs ät tĭb), or

Ras Addar

(ädär`), peninsula, NE Tunisia, projecting c.50 mi (80 km) into the Mediterranean Sea toward Sicily. Cape Bon, the eastern terminus of the Saharan Atlas Mts., is a hilly, fertile region that supports citrus groves, vineyards, and tobacco plantations. Fishing ports, beach resorts, and natural gas deposits are located on the peninsula. During World War II the last German forces in North Africa surrendered to the Allies on Cape Bon in May, 1943.
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In the narrow space between Cape Bon and the Straits of Messina the bottom of the sea rose almost suddenly.
The project will strengthen the water production capacity while ensuring the electrification of the Ghedir El Golla production complex which is the only water source supplying the entire district of Tunis and Cape Bon.
From Tunisia's Cape Bon, it runs under the Mediterranean to Cape Feto in Sicily.
[While going around Cape Bon, Neville] called down to Wing Commander Gleed and said, "There are enemy aircraft right on the deck." Well, Gleed says, "I can't see anything." Neville Duke, he says, "I'm going down." So, we went down and went right by the Spit Vs right down into these transports and 1 was able to get one, but the 109s came down right after us, and they shot up the Spit Vs, and Wing Commander Gleed was killed on that occasion.
Jurgen von Arnim, commander of Axis forces after Rommel's recall to Europe, was captured in the Cape Bon peninsula along with other Axis officers.
The IDB's loans will be granted for the construction of the Saida dam in the Cap Bon and the Kalaa Kobra dam (Sousse governorate) and for the construction of water transport facilities to meet the water requirements up to 2023 for Greater Tunis, Sahel, Cape Bon and Sfax.
"APAL has proposed 12 sites, mostly in Tabarka (north-west), Galite, Cape Negro, Sidi Ali Meki, Zembra, Cape Bon wetlands, Kuriat islands and Kneiss islands", said the manager, noting that the strategy plans, in the medium term, the creation of a network of areas of at least 10 protected areas, allowing a real process of sustainable management of biodiversity and ecosystems.
(TAP) -- Prime Minister Youssef Chahed gave Friday in Sejnane the kick-off of the system of transfer of water from north to the centre and the Cape Bon, which is part of the large-scale projects of Sejnane.

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