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Cape Coast,

town (1984 pop. 57,224), capital of Central Region, S Ghana, on the Gulf of Guinea. Known locally as Gna or Oegna, the town is an export port and fishing center. The town originated as an Ashanti trading center. It grew up around European forts built in the 17th cent. The British made it their headquarters in 1664. It was capital of the Gold Coast until superseded by AccraAccra
, city (1984 pop. 867,459), capital of Ghana, a port on the Gulf of Guinea. It is Ghana's largest city and its administrative, communications, and economic center.
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 in 1877. Cape Coast is also an educational center.
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Cape Coast


a city in Ghana and the administrative center of the Central District. Population, 71,600 (1970). Cape Coast is a port on the Gulf of Guinea. It exports cocoa beans and has food and fishing industries. Cape Coast has a university college. The city was founded in 1652.

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He stopped, out of breath, for the veins were standing out upon his forehead, and he remembered what the English doctor at Cape Coast Castle had told him.
Opanin John Kwame Bawuah Bonsafo Edusei, was born to Nana Kwabena Edusie and Nana Akosua Owususuaa in 1980 in Cape Coast and was received with great happiness in Cape Coast, Saltpond, Sewua, Kokofu Asaman, Kumasi and most of the remaining former Asante Kingdom.
I'm heartbroken," she told AFP as she toured the Cape Coast slave fort on Ghana's ocean shore.
LAGOS, Nigeria -- The Black Stallions of Nigeria edged the Eagles of Ghana 14-12 to clinch the inaugural President's Cup at the Nduom Sports Stadium in Elmina, Cape Coast Ghana on Saturday.
DuBois Centre in Accra, Kakum National Park, the Cape Coast and Elmina Castles.
class="MsoNormalStarlets, who will play Uganda and Ghana in friendlies, will be based in Cape Coast city and play Zambia in the first match on November 18 at the 15,000-seater Cape Coast Sports Stadium.
CAPE COAST, Ghana -- Melania Trump walked out the infamous "Door of No Return" at a onetime slave-trade outpost Wednesday and gazed over the crashing ocean waves that carried millions of Africans to lives of servitude.
The 17th century Cape Coast castle, now a monument, has attracted world dignitaries including America's first black President Barack Obama and his family, who also shared their emotions at the site.
Though among these forts Cape Coast Castle has drawn the lion's share of attention and tourists today continue to flock to its imposing remains, Annamaboe, eight miles to its east, was in fact the dominant slaving port in the region.
Kwame Tua's horn-playing partner Yaw Awua also decamped to Cape Coast in the colony, taking with him stolen gold dust and regalia belonging to the Asokwa stool, and there he allied himself with fellow exiles who were working to secure the restoration of Mensa Bonsu's deposed brother, Asantehene Kofi Kakari (1867-74).
This study investigated the effects of corncob biochar and compost applied alone or in combination on some soil physicochemical properties, growth, and yield of maize grown on two Ghanaian soils collected from the Rainforest (Aiyinase in Western Region) and Coastal Savannah (Cape Coast in Central Region) agroecological zones.