Cape Cod

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Cape Cod,

narrow peninsula of glacial origin, 399 sq mi (1,033 sq km), SE Mass., extending 65 mi (105 km) E and N into the Atlantic Ocean. It is generally flat, with sand dunes, low hills, and numerous lakes. Bartholomew Gosnold, an English explorer, visited the Cape in 1602 and named it for the abundant fish found in surrounding waters. Fishing, whaling, shipping, and salt making were important until the late 1800s. Tourism and cranberry growing (Cape Cod is the nation's largest producer) are now economic mainstays. Housing development and population (now about 200,000) have gradually increased, and the Cape is faced with strains on water and road systems as well as with increasing pollution. Towns on Cape Cod include BarnstableBarnstable
, town (1990 pop. 40,949), seat of Barnstable co., SE Mass.; inc. 1639. It is a resort town on Cape Cod. Industries are tourism, fishing, and cranberry farming. Barnstable comprises seven villages, including Hyannis.
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; ProvincetownProvincetown,
resort town (1990 pop. 3,374), Barnstable co., SE Mass., on the tip of Cape Cod, with a harbor on Cape Cod Bay; inc. 1727. The principal industries are tourism and fishing. The Pilgrims landed there in 1620 and stayed about a month.
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, site of the Pilgrims' first landing (1620); FalmouthFalmouth,
town (1990 pop. 27,960), Barnstable co., SE Mass., on Cape Cod; settled c.1660, inc. 1686. Once a whaling and boatbuilding center, the town has become a popular tourist summer resort.
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, location of Woods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
at Woods Hole, Mass.; est. 1930. In addition to oceanographic research, it conducts important work in meteorology, biology, geology, and geophysics.
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; and BourneBourne,
town (1990 pop. 16,064), Barnstable co., SE Mass., crossed by Cape Cod Canal; settled 1627, inc. 1884. Bourne Bridge (1935), across the canal, made the town an entry point to Cape Cod and a resort and commercial center.
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, through which the Cape Cod Canal passes. This lockless canal, 17.5 mi (28.2 km) long, 32 ft (10 m) deep, was built (1910–14) from private funds and purchased by the U.S. government in 1927; it accommodates oceangoing vessels and cuts the distance between New York City and Boston by 75 mi (121 km). Parts of Cape Cod constitute Cape Cod National Seashore (43,685 acres/17,686 hectares; est. 1961). It contains beaches, sand dunes, heathlands, marshes, freshwater ponds, and historic sites, including the first Marconi wireless station in the United States.


See histories by H. C. Kittredge (2d ed. 1968) and P. Schneider (2000).

Cape Cod

1. a long sandy peninsula in SE Massachusetts, between Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic
2. a one-storey cottage of timber construction with a simple gable roof and a large central chimney: originated on Cape Cod in the 18th century
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This is not the first time that a shark has attacked a seal so close to the beach in the Cape Cod region.
These include significantly greater patient access and convenience through access to CCHC's patient service center network on Cape Cod, and thousands of clinical laboratory tests, including advanced and novel genetic sequencing tests for cancer, neurological disorders and other diseases.
But Teesside's pace gave Cape Cod problems and Kelly came close to opening the scoring, breaking down the right but saw his shot beat the keeper to go just past the post.
But the towns of Cape Cod are among the most geographically isolated from state and federal anti-discrimination agencies in Massachusetts, increasing the difficulty for people on the Cape to have discrimination issues solved.
Many breast cancer activist organizations, including groups involved in the Long Island and Cape Cod studies, have explicitly endorsed the precautionary principle {examples come from New York (Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition 2003), California (Breast Cancer Action 2004), Massachusetts [Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) 2004], and Oregon (Crumpacker 2002)}.
According to the Cape Cod Times, CCNS's change to B20 was delayed until two local companies, Loud Fuel and R.
In the early 1990s, Chris took Cantorion Coedpoeth to the USA where he met his future wife,Pam, a member of a Cape Cod choir.
Massachusetts' homeowners insurance market is feeling the pinch as the state's largest provider said it would withdraw from Cape Cod, leaving about 14,000 policyholders searching for coverage.
The Pilgrims first landed in Provincetown, the narrow strip of land at the tip of Cape Cod, Mass.
Captain John Smith, former leader of Jamestown, maps the coastal region of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Starting their shellfish farming business in Wellfleet Bay, Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1986, Patrick and Barbara Woodbury realized early on that their lives would be totally engulfed by the type of work they do--cultivating and harvesting clams and oysters Possessing an innate satisfaction with the line a work they have chosen, the Woodburys are c prime example of what can be accomplished you have a product you believe in, undying devotion to your craft, and a roll-up-your-sleeves (and sometimes pant legsl) determination.
On Monday, July 29, 2002, a mass stranding of 57 long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas) occurred in Dennis, MA, on Cape Cod.