Kap Farvel

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Farvel, Kap


(Cape Farewell), a rocky cape on Egger Island in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Greenland. Kap Farvel has a maximum elevation of 800 m. It is considered the southernmost extremity of Greenland (59°45’N lat.).

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Three major currents (the West Greenland, Labrador, and North Atlantic Drift), met in "aqueous mountains", just below Cape Farewell, Greenland, situated longitudinally between about 40[degrees] and 50[degrees] West?
for approximately 2,250 kilometres to Cape Farewell, Greenland. Covering an additional 1,125 kilometres would bring them to Hatten's Head, Resolution Island.
As they rounded Cape Farewell, Greenland, and approached Hudson Strait, the cold became intense, which seafarers attributed to the presence of ice.