Cape Fear River

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Cape Fear River,

202 mi (325 km) long, formed in E central N.C. by the junction of the Deep and Haw rivers, and flowing southeast to enter the Atlantic Ocean S of Wilmington and N of Cape Fear; longest river entirely within North Carolina. Dams and locks make the river navigable to Fayetteville, but its valley is especially prone to flooding, as happened after Hurricane Floyd (1999).
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2] cells to be sampled across the 6 waterbodies, the number of cells assigned to each waterbody were divided equally among the 3 habitat types (Table 1), with the exceptions of the 2 waterbodies that lacked appropriate ICW habitat: Core Sound, which the ICW does not traverse, and the lower Cape Fear River, where the ICW is a major shipping channel with all depths >4 m.
The MOTSU Commander's quarters had been the Garrison House overlooking the Cape Fear River and one of the oldest buildings in historic Southport.
20) Access to the Cape Fear River consisted of two inlets separated by Smith's Island and Frying Pan Shoals, which penetrated deeply out to sea.
6-acre retention pond and used for irrigation purposes, rather than being released into the nearby Cape Fear River.
The quiet street just off her front stoop is made of cobblestone, and it leads to the Cape Fear River two blocks away.
They were Calvinist Presbyterians who settled on the northeastern Cape Fear River in present Duplin and Pender counties as early as 1725.
Gould, age 24, a skilled plasterer and mason, escaped slavery with seven of his fellows by rowing twenty-eight nautical miles down the Cape Fear River from Wilmington, North Carolina, to the U.
A mercury-contaminated chemical factory on North Carolina's Cape Fear River will finally get cleaned up, under an agreement made last month between the federal Environmental Protection Agency and Honeywell International, owner of the site.
Skanska is to construct a 12 kilometre highway, Smith Creek Parkway, to link Northeast Cape Fear River bridge with existing roads.
It is now moored on the Cape Fear river as both a memorial to the fallen and a fascinating, often rather poignant, museum.
True, they had lost some roofing and siding in 1989 when Hurricane Hugo blew through, but the property was not in a flood plain and was almost three miles from the Cape Fear River.
With very helpful maps, it stresses the importance of the very great regional disparities within the colony, with slaves concentrated in the coastal regions, especially in the northeast, bordering Virginia, and even more along the lower Cape Fear river.

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