Cape Finisterre

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Finisterre, Cape

(fĭnĭstâr`) [Lat. finis terrae=land's end], rocky promontory, extreme NW Spain, on the Atlantic coast of Galicia. Off the cape, the English won two naval battles against the French (1747, in the War of the Austrian Succession; 1805, in the Napoleonic Wars).
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The main pilgrimage route to Santiago follows an earlier Roman trade route, which continues to the Atlantic coast of Galicia, ending at Cape Finisterre.
After a nail-biting first 48 hours of the race that saw the French skipper and his 70ft trimaran battle 40knot gusts and huge seas across the Bay of Biscay and then around Cape Finisterre, with a broken jet burner and no hot food, and a hurt and swollen forearm, the Frenchman bounced back with cheerful and awe inspiring tales of full moon sailing at 30knots and nerve-wracking squalls rolling in one after the other.
On being torpedoed in 1941, 450 miles off Cape Finisterre, Spain
The 32-year-old ran the entire length of the Camino, starting in St Jean Pied de Port on April 25 and reaching his own personal finish line in Cape Finisterre, which means end of the earth, yesterday.
The first sister to be sunk was the Avelona Star, victim of the U-43 on 30 June 1940 off Cape Finisterre.
Another two aboard, believed to be from Kent, were rescued by helicopter off Cape Finisterre.
Gulf Offshore has sent its clean-up vessel the Sefton Supporter to north-west Spain, where strong winds are pushing a sprawling oil slick toward Cape Finisterre.
The French ship went down with all hands in 1979 in a storm 30 miles off Spain's Cape Finisterre.
It looks like there will be a lot of wind around Cape Finisterre off the north-west corner of Spain," said Foxall, just before the fleet left Lisbon.
A spokesman for the record-breaking sailor said her 60ft yacht Aviva lost the mast at about 6am on Wednesday in 45 knot-plus winds, 160 miles off Cape Finisterre in northern Spain and she did not have enough fuel to get to a Spanish port unaided.
Soldiers and volunteers were cleaning beaches and coves coated in thick oil on the Galician coast between Cape Finisterre north to La Coruna.