Cape Finisterre

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Finisterre, Cape

(fĭnĭstâr`) [Lat. finis terrae=land's end], rocky promontory, extreme NW Spain, on the Atlantic coast of Galicia. Off the cape, the English won two naval battles against the French (1747, in the War of the Austrian Succession; 1805, in the Napoleonic Wars).
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Feast on fresh seafood and excellent Albarino wine, before finishing at (and staying in) the Cape Finisterre Lighthouse.
Cape Finisterre Lighthouse walk on the wild side in spain DISCOVER Spain's wild Galician Coast, the Costa da Morte, on an exhilarating walk along the Lighthouse Way (Camino dos Faros).
The fleet experienced varied conditions on the 1,250-mile leg to Horta in the Azores, with light wind conditions in the Bay of Biscay, and then 30-plus knots and a confused sea state as they passed Cape Finisterre on the north-western tip of Spain last Tuesday, followed by further light conditions.
On being torpedoed in 1941, 450 miles off Cape Finisterre, Spain
The 32-year-old ran the entire length of the Camino, starting in St Jean Pied de Port on April 25 and reaching his own personal finish line in Cape Finisterre, which means end of the earth, yesterday.
99 [pounds sterling]) An inspiring, 18-month walk from Cape Finisterre to Istanbul along Europe's high ground
Although this specific cape has not been identified unambiguously, a European reader might think of Cape Finisterre off the north-west coast of Spain or of England's own Land's End in Cornwall.
Another two aboard, believed to be from Kent, were rescued by helicopter off Cape Finisterre.
Gulf Offshore has sent its clean-up vessel the Sefton Supporter to north-west Spain, where strong winds are pushing a sprawling oil slick toward Cape Finisterre.
By Proctor's reckoning they would clear Cape Finisterre and sail down the Spanish coast.
She was sailing in clear weather on Saturday 1 April 1882, from Lisbon to Southampton, on the final leg of a voyage from Brazil, when she was in collision with another steamer, the Yourac Bat, about 40 miles off Cape Finisterre in the Bay of Biscay.