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Cape Kennedy:

see Cape CanaveralCape Canaveral
, low, sandy promontory extending E into the Atlantic Ocean from a barrier island, E Fla., separated from Merritt Island by the Banana River, a lagoon; named (1963) Cape Kennedy in memory of President John F. Kennedy, it reverted to its original name in 1973.
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, Fla.
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m on July 16 from Cape Kennedy (now Cape Canaveral) in Florida, the Soviets faced the prospect of a tremendous loss of prestige, even though Moscow remained polite and continued to talk about cooperation in space.
But his Apollo thrill came 19 months earlier, when he watched at Cape Kennedy as 7.
5 mile journey from the Vehicle Assembly Building to Cape Kennedy (Cape Canaveral) launchpad 39A took seven hours.
The cargo loaded on the Cape Kennedy consisted of equipment primarily from the 1st Brigade, 34th Infantry Division, representing the Montana National Guard and included wheeled, tracked and containerized cargo.
Considering we have held past events at the United Nations, Cape Kennedy, the Library of Congress and the Johnson Space Center, this is saying a lot.
The center itself occupies hundreds of square miles on Cape Kennedy, nee Cape Canaveral.
Early Bird (also known as Intelsat I) became the world's first communications satellite when it was launched from Cape Kennedy (we have gone from Cape Canaveral to Cape Kennedy and back to Cape Canaveral during these two decades
In the 1960s, during the early days of the missile program, he served as a Science Correspondent at Cape Kennedy.
1967 Three American astronauts died in a fire which broke out aboard the spacecraft Apollo 1 during tests at Cape Kennedy.
POP SECRETS: Dig out those ``Brady Bunch'' lunch boxes, vintage Trolls, intact eight-track tapes and souvenirs from Cape Kennedy.