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Distribution: Cape Verde Archipelago, and Sao Tome and Principe Islands.
Extracting data for different regions, we account for 23 chiton species along the West African coast (Kaas 1991; Ardovini & Cossignani 2004), 15 species for the Canary Islands (Van Belle 1984a; Strack 1987; Rolan 2011), eight species for Madeira Island (Van Belle -1985; Kaas 1991), 11 species for the Azores Islands (Van Belle 19846; Strack 1991; Avila & Albergaria 2002; Avila & Sigwart 2013), and a total of 14 species for the Cape Verde Archipelago (Kaas 1991; Rolan 2005).
According to Le Loeuff and von Cosel (1998), the Cape Verde Archipelago lies within the northern alternance region (characterized by strong seasonal contrasts of thermic fronts; cf.
11) As such, follow up evaluations of the extent of chronic fluoride toxicity, including the high incidence of dental fluorosis, in the island population of Brava, in the Cape Verde archipelago, will be considered and encouraged.