Cape York Peninsula

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Cape York Peninsula,

280 mi (451 km) long, N Queensland, Australia, between the Gulf of Carpentaria and the Coral Sea. It is largely tropical jungle and sparsely populated. The Northern Peninsula Aboriginal Reserve is there. Weipa (2016 pop. 3,905) is the largest town.
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At the time it was thought New Guinea extended across the Torres Strait through to the Cape York Peninsula. Janszoon had charted the region and thought the two were joined even though his chart does not show this.
Keywords: coastal archaeology, Cape York Peninsula, Aboriginal economy, shell mounds.
The Moon's shadow crosses the entire Cape York Peninsula in just over 100 seconds and reaches the Pacific coast of Queensland at 20:39 UT.
A second crocodile - a 4.84 metre-long male - travelled more than 411 km in only 20 days from the east coast of Cape York Peninsula through the Torres Straits to the Wenlock River on the west coast of Cape York.
185); and, drawing on his work in central Cape York Peninsula, Benjamin Smith argues that current attempts to 'push Aboriginal people away from the past in order to effect "progress" and "development"' (pp.
Thomson's scholarly story begins in 1928 when this highly intelligent and practical young man travelled northward from Melbourne to Cape York Peninsula. During that year and from 1929 to 1933, Donald and his wife spent months with local Aboriginal people first at Stewart River and then at Bare Hill community, an Aboriginal Reserve and Mission at Lockhart River on the eastern side of Cape York Peninsula.
On January 18, 43 West Papuans, including several children, reached Australia's northern Cape York Peninsula by canoe.
It was en route from Bamaga, near the tip of Cape York Peninsula, to Lockhart River, some 280 kilometers away.
Yesterday, the state government took a further step, regulating the transport of alcohol to Cape York peninsula, where many Aborigines live.
I have seen to my surprise and horror how large groups of `normal', functional people who took responsibility for families and originally were very distant from abusive behaviour, were sucked into the alcohol abuse epidemic when it gained momentum in my hometown of Hope Vale and in other communities in Cape York Peninsula; and other abuse epidemics are now following grog and gambling.
Large incursions of the virus in 1995 and 1998 were linked with low-pressure systems that sustained strong northerly winds from New Guinea to the Cape York Peninsula.