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Whole plant is useable. Thin alternate leaves, yellow 5 petal flower. Kidneys, arthritis, sore throat, rheumatism, lymph, tuberculosis, eyewash.
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Cape primroses are among the most colourful, long-flowering houseplants.
Dibleys have previously supplied sets of choice Cape primroses to members.
The rosette-forming kinds of streptocarpus from which modern hybrids are produced come from the Drakensburg Mountains of South Africa and have foliage similar to primroses, hence their misleading nickname of Cape primroses.
Indoors, start re-potting house plants, like cape primroses (Streptocarpus), when they have finished flowering.
As spring approached, our streps - a collection of streptocarpus or Cape primroses - appreciated the lengthening days and bloomed for months at a time in numerous shades of blue, pink, yellow and white with delicate purple veining.