capillary action

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capillary action

[′kap·ə‚ler·ē ′ak·shən]
(fluid mechanics)
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capillary action, capillarity

1.The movement of a liquid in the interstices of soil or other porous material, as a result of surface tension.
2. The phenomenon responsible for dry soil sucking up moisture above the ground water level. Also see capillary flow.
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The filling stage is complete early for the case with capillary effect. The exponential decrease of the inlet flow rate during the filling process is due to the fact that the total friction between the fluid and fiber mats increases as the contracting area increases.
It is applicable to the cases with strong capillary effects (Bo > 1/3) [7] or without capillary effects (Bo = 0) [8,9].
Figures 10 and 11 show the distribution of liquid mass flow where the displacement of this flow from the wet zone (x = 20 cm) towards the dry one (x = 0 cm) is due to capillary effects.
Wetting and the surface forces that control wetting are also responsible for other related effects, including so-called capillary effects. All the experiments produced the contact angle larger than 90[degrees] and are included in the hydrophilic category.
Gravity and Capillary Effects on Imbibition in Porous Media.

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